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Arduino IDE Version 2.1: Redesigned Library Manager and Cloud Integration for Better User Experience

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 The latest version 2.1 of Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is out! This open-source software application serves as an open-source Integrated Development Environment used to write and upload code onto Arduino boards, microcontroller-based boards that allow users to build interactive electronic projects using microcontroller technology. Arduino boards provide users with a simple way to write code in the C as well as C++ programming languages, as well as an extensive library of code examples and code snippets that will help users get up and running with their projects quickly and efficiently. It is available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems!
This latest release includes a number of improvements and fixes, including two important ones:

Complete overhaul to the Library Manager panel to make it more intuitive and user-friendly as well as a more efficient search engine.


Full overhaul to Arduino Cloud integration enabling easy backups using one-click backups, and access to several computer systems (in addition to the browser).


Arduino’s growth wouldn’t be possible without our devoted open community and their generous contributions of funds, hardware purchases, and Arduino Cloud subscriptions.

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