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X-FAB Introduces XT011: The First 110 nm BCD-on-SOI Semiconductor Process for Enhanced Analog Applications

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X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE, a leading analog/mixed-signal and specialty foundry, continues to reinforce its position as a pioneer in BCD-on-SOI technology with the introduction of an innovative 110nm solution. The new XT011 BCD-on-SOI platform caters to the growing demand for increased digital integration and processing capabilities within analog applications. By leveraging the unique attributes of both SOI and BCD, X-FAB enables seamless integration of high-density digital logic and analog functionality on a single chip, surpassing the limitations of traditional bulk BCD processes.

BCD-on-SOI Technology Revolutionizes Semiconductor Manufacturing

BCD-on-SOI technology, an acronym for Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS on Silicon-On-Insulator, represents a cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing approach that combines multiple integrated circuit (IC) components on a single chip. By integrating bipolar, CMOS, and DMOS devices, this technology delivers exceptional performance, power efficiency, and integration capabilities. The BCD process allows for efficient integration of analog, digital, and power components, making it ideal for applications requiring high-voltage operation, such as automotive electronics, power management systems, and industrial control systems.

The Power of SOI in BCD-on-SOI Technology

SOI, or Silicon-On-Insulator technology, plays a crucial role in BCD-on-SOI technology. It utilizes a thin layer of insulating material, typically silicon dioxide, to separate the silicon substrate from the active devices on the chip. This insulating layer reduces parasitic capacitance, leading to improved device performance, enhanced power efficiency, and superior noise immunity. By combining BCD and SOI technologies, the BCD-on-SOI approach offers the best of both worlds, enabling the integration of high-voltage power devices (DMOS), analog components (bipolar), and digital logic (CMOS) on a single chip. This integration empowers designers to achieve higher functionality, enhanced power efficiency, and superior performance in a smaller footprint compared to traditional bulk CMOS or BCD processes.

Unveiling the XT011: Advancements and Benefits

With the introduction of the XT011 platform, X-FAB takes a significant step forward in BCD-on-SOI technology. This new offering, built on a 110nm process node, provides double the standard cell library density compared to its established XT018 180nm BCD-on-SOI semiconductor platform. Additionally, it occupies 35% less area for SONOS embedded flash implementations. Notably, the XT011 exhibits ultra-low on-resistance (R(ds)on) for high-voltage N-channel devices, achieving over a 25% improvement compared to the XT018 process. Furthermore, the thermal performance has been significantly enhanced, enabling efficient handling of high-current applications, aligning with the capabilities of bulk BCD processes.

Robustness and Reliability

X-FAB’s XT011 platform enables the delivery of AEC-Q100 Grade 0 compliant design implementations, ensuring high levels of robustness and reliability. The technology boasts an impressive operating temperature range of -40°C to 175°C, making it suitable for demanding automotive applications. Elevated levels of resilience to electromagnetic interference (EMI) are also observed, eliminating the risk of latch-ups caused by parasitic bipolar effects and ensuring the highest degrees of operational reliability.

Enabling ‘First-Time-Right’ Designs

To facilitate seamless design implementation, X-FAB provides a comprehensive process design kit (PDK) for XT011, along with an extensive array of intellectual property (IP) elements, including SRAM, ROM, SONOS-based flash, and embedded EEPROM. This comprehensive support equips customers with the necessary tools to achieve ‘first-time-right’ designs, reducing time to market and expediting product development.

Applications and Future Prospects

The XT011 process primarily targets next-generation automotive applications that demand increased data processing capabilities. Moreover, it provides an avenue for existing industrial and medical products to transition to smaller geometries, unlocking new possibilities for miniaturization and enhanced performance. By leading the transition to 110nm technology, X-FAB further solidifies its expertise and reputation as the go-to foundry for BCD-on-SOI solutions.

X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE continues to push the boundaries of semiconductor manufacturing with its groundbreaking XT011 110nm BCD-on-SOI technology. By combining the strengths of BCD and SOI, X-FAB enables the seamless integration of analog and digital components, surpassing the limitations of traditional bulk BCD processes. With improved performance, enhanced power efficiency, and superior integration capabilities, the XT011 platform sets new standards for advanced semiconductor solutions. As X-FAB’s state-of-the-art facility in Corbeil-Essonnes, near Paris, prepares for volume production in the second half of 2023, the industry eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of this remarkable technology.


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