NewsViomi Technology Elevates Water Purification Business and Appoints New SBU President

Viomi Technology Elevates Water Purification Business and Appoints New SBU President

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Viomi Technology Co., Ltd, a prominent IoT@Home technology company in China, has recently announced the transformation of its water purification business into a strategic business unit (SBU). This significant move aligns with the Company’s strategy to focus intensively on water purification, capitalizing on Viomi’s advanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities. This development underscores the Company’s dedication to delivering high-quality and sustainable solutions in the water purification sector.

Appointment of New Water Purification SBU President

Alongside this strategic shift, Viomi has appointed Mr. Qi Chen as the president of its water purification SBU. Mr. Chen, an industry veteran, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Prior to joining Viomi, he served as the general manager of the water purification and air purification divisions at A.O.Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd. His background includes 14 years of advanced management experience in the water purification industry, supplemented by over a decade of sales management expertise with globally renowned Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) corporations. His past associations include significant roles in companies such as P&G, Yili Group, and Pepsi Cola.

Mr. Qi Chen’s Educational Background

Mr. Qi Chen’s extensive experience is further bolstered by his academic credentials. He is an alumnus of Southeast University, having graduated in 1996. His educational background, combined with his professional journey, positions him well to lead Viomi’s water purification SBU towards greater heights.

Viomi’s Focus on Water Purification

Viomi’s decision to elevate its water purification business to a strategic unit reflects the company’s commitment to this sector. By leveraging its leading-edge research and development capabilities, Viomi aims to set new standards in water purification technology. The company’s focus is not only on enhancing product quality but also on ensuring sustainability in its development efforts.

Implications for the Water Purification Industry

The establishment of the water purification SBU under Mr. Qi Chen’s leadership is expected to have significant implications for the water purification industry. With its emphasis on innovation and quality, Viomi is poised to make a substantial impact in the market, contributing to advancements in water purification technologies and sustainable practices.

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