NewsUltraleap and Prophesee Collaborate to Revolutionize AR with Advanced Hand Tracking

Ultraleap and Prophesee Collaborate to Revolutionize AR with Advanced Hand Tracking

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Ultraleap and Prophesee’s Groundbreaking Collaboration

In a significant development ahead of CES, Ultraleap has announced its collaboration with Prophesee to develop the world’s first augmented reality (AR) system. This system uniquely integrates event sensors and hand tracking, marking a major advancement in AR technology.

Innovative Approach to AR Challenges

This collaboration between Ultraleap and Prophesee aims to address the longstanding challenge of creating AR devices that are always on and wearable in all environments. By combining Ultraleap’s expertise in computer vision and machine learning with Prophesee’s GenX320 event-based Metavision® sensors, this partnership is set to overcome significant obstacles in AR, particularly in terms of power consumption and outdoor interaction capabilities.

Enhanced Power Efficiency and User Interaction

The new approach significantly reduces power consumption compared to existing models, allowing for an always-on AR experience. It also enables more natural and extended hand interaction tracking, a key factor in enhancing the usability and ergonomics of AR devices.

Advancements in Light Condition Adaptability and Privacy

Ultraleap’s new models for event sensors offer robust performance in adverse light conditions and feature lower latency, paving the way for more versatile outdoor AR interactions. Additionally, these sensors offer increased privacy, as they are not frame-based and capture only pixel movement information.

Prophesee’s GenX320 Sensors: A Game-Changer for AR

Prophesee’s GenX320 sensors, known for their ‘always on’ capability, are an ideal match for Ultraleap’s first event-based machine learning vision system. This system is tailored for hand tracking in AR, enabling more robust and immersive interactions in a convenient glasses form factor, essential for widespread market adoption.

CEO Insights: Tom Carter of Ultraleap

Tom Carter, CEO and co-founder of Ultraleap, emphasizes that their product is the first in the market to leverage event sensors and hand tracking for AR. He highlights the importance of hand interaction in augmenting the natural user experience, along with the critical features needed for mass adoption, such as low power consumption, high dynamic range, low latency, and increased privacy.

CEO Insights: Luca Verre of Prophesee

Luca Verre, CEO and co-founder of Prophesee, notes the importance of integrating advanced hand tracking in AR for more immersive and interactive experiences. He acknowledges that event-based vision can significantly enhance AR systems’ performance and usability, expanding the market potential and capabilities of AR applications.

Impact on the AR/VR Industry

The partnership between Ultraleap and Prophesee is poised to unlock a new era of AR/VR devices that seamlessly integrate the virtual and physical worlds. This collaboration is expected to offer unprecedented levels of engagement for both entertainment and productivity, significantly impacting the future of AR technology.

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