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u-blox Leads the Way: First to Achieve RED Cybersecurity Certification for LTE Cat 1 and LTE Cat 4 Cellular Modules

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u-blox, a global leader in positioning and wireless communication technologies, has made history by becoming the first ever company to earn Radio Equipment Directive (RED) cybersecurity certification for both their LARA-R6 LTE Cat 1 and LARA-L6 LTE Cat 4 cell module series – as per ETSI EN 303 645 requirements. This major accomplishment marks an industry first.

As cyber attacks and data privacy remain of increasing concern, this achievement represents a milestone towards strengthening security of wireless devices and products. With cybersecurity regulations becoming ever more stringent, manufacturers are racing to meet elevated security standards to protect user data efficiently and maintain privacy effectively.

u-blox’s achievement makes them the first module maker in the market to obtain the highly esteemed European Union (EU) Cybersecurity Certification, marking their commitment to providing smart devices with top-tier security and privacy protections. Notably, EU is set to mandate cybersecurity certification by 2025 for wireless products sold within its borders; yet u-blox has taken proactive steps toward including this certification into their product design and development – ahead of regulatory requirements!

ETSI plays an integral part in setting standards for telecom, broadcasting and electronic communication networks and services. Their ETSI EN 303 645 standard, the foundation for their RED cybersecurity certification scheme has become the go-to method of protecting device security against modern global threats.

Martin Leach, Head of Product Centre Cellular at u-blox, underscored their dedication to quality and security by emphasizing their dedication to monitoring regulatory trends, so their products always comply with current security guidelines. Security was integral part of u-blox’s development process to produce top quality secure products while meeting established industry standards. Leach expressed appreciation to Eurofins E&E partner as being instrumental in helping the company reach this significant milestone.

Eurofins E&E, known for their comprehensive range of cybersecurity certification, testing, and evaluation services, played an instrumental role in assuring that u-blox met RED Article 3.3d/e/f requirements. Their services cover ETSI EN 303 645 and IEC 62443 standards along with providing EU Notified Body services for the RED certification process.

U-blox’s achievement sets an excellent standard in the industry and reinforces their dedication to protecting mobile-connected devices’ security and privacy. Moving forward, all u-blox cellular modules will meet or surpass ETSI EN 303 645 cybersecurity standard and other leading industry benchmarks to guarantee customers safer wireless products.

What is RED cybersecurity certification

The RED (Radio Equipment Directive) cybersecurity certification, officially known as the RED Article 3.3 d/e/f requirements using ETSI EN 303 645 standard, is a set of regulations and security standards introduced by the European Union (EU) to ensure a high level of security and privacy for wireless products, particularly those related to radio equipment and wireless communication technologies. This certification aims to enhance the security of wireless devices and products in response to the growing concerns over cyberattacks and data privacy.

The certification involves compliance with specific cybersecurity requirements outlined in the ETSI EN 303 645 standard. This standard, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), sets the gold standard for device security to protect against modern threats, including cyberattacks. Compliance with the RED cybersecurity certification is essential for wireless product manufacturers to meet the highest security standards and safeguard user data and privacy.

The EU has mandated that all wireless products must adhere to the RED cybersecurity certification by summer 2025. This certification is vital for ensuring the security and privacy of smart devices, particularly as the use of wireless technologies continues to grow in various industries, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices.

Achieving RED cybersecurity certification demonstrates a commitment to product security and a proactive approach to complying with evolving regulatory requirements. It provides consumers and businesses with greater confidence in the security and privacy features of wireless products.

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