NewsTürkiye Launches Advanced Electronic Passports Featuring Infineon’s Coil on Module Technology

Türkiye Launches Advanced Electronic Passports Featuring Infineon’s Coil on Module Technology

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Türkiye has recently issued nearly five million next-generation electronic passports, incorporating the contactless Coil on Module (CoM CL) solution from Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY). These advanced passports feature a polycarbonate (PC) data page with an integrated security chip, enhancing the security and robustness of the travel documents.

High-Security Data Page Integration

The integrated polycarbonate data page in the new ePassports contains sensitive personal data of the holder. Given the critical nature of this information, the passports are designed to the highest security standards, providing robust protection against tampering and fraud. Infineon’s contactless CoM technology plays a key role in increasing the durability and enhancing the security features of these passports.

Infineon’s Role in Enhancing Passport Security

Maurizio Skerlj, Vice President Authentication & Identity Solutions at Infineon’s Connected Secure Systems Division, highlights Infineon’s commitment to partnering with Türkiye in integrating their security components into government identity eDocuments. The new eDatapage embedded with Infineon’s components is notably thin, measuring only 630 µm, positioning it among the world’s thinnest electronic data pages.

Coil on Module Technology: Enhancing Durability and Flexibility

Infineon’s innovative Coil on Module contactless packaging technology is specifically designed for robust and flexible government ID and passport documents. This technology, based on inductive coupling, wirelessly connects the module to the antenna embedded in the document. This approach significantly increases the durability of the electronic data page.

Manufacturing Advances with FCOS™ Technology

Utilizing Infineon’s FCOS™ (Flip Chip on Substrate) manufacturing technology, the production of ultra-thin modules, as slim as 125 µm, is achieved. This is up to 50 percent thinner than conventional contactless modules. The reduced thickness allows for the addition of extra security layers in the ePassport’s PC eDatapage, aligning with the highest security standards.

Türkiye’s Growing Demand for Secure Passports

With Türkiye’s population nearing 86 million in 2023 and continuing to grow, the demand for secure, fraud-resistant passports is on the rise. The new Turkish ePassports stand out with their ultra-thin electronic PC data page, robustness, and advanced security features. These passports, set to be showcased at Infineon’s booth at TRUSTECH 2023, represent a significant step forward in travel document security and design.

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