NewsSTPOWER automotive-grade devices from STMicroelectronics run cooler in surface-mount ACEPACK SMIT package

STPOWER automotive-grade devices from STMicroelectronics run cooler in surface-mount ACEPACK SMIT package

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STMicroelectronics has announced five power-semiconductor bridges that are available in well-known configurations, which are which are housed in ST’s awe-inspiring ACEPACK(tm) SMIT package that makes assembly easier and improves the power density over traditional TO-style products. Engineers have the option of choosing between two STPOWER 650V MOSFET bridges and a 600V ultrafast diode bridge and a 1200V half-controlled full-wave rectifier and an 1200V thyristor controlled bridge leg.

All devices are in compliance with automotive industry standards and are compatible with electric automobile OBCs (OBC) along with DC/DC converters, as in industry power conversion. ST’s ACEPACK SMIT surface-mounted package provides the ease of handling an insulated unit and the thermal efficiency of an open drain. It supports the direct-bonded copper (DBC) die attachment to ensure effective topside cooling. The 4.6 cm2 metal side of ACEPACK SMIT allows the simple attachment to a planar heatsink. This results in a compact profile that allows for maximum the dissipation of heat for better performance at high power. The module and heatsink are able to be placed with automated equipment inline, which reduces manual work and increases efficiency. While minimizing the height of the stack and increasing power density its topside-side cooling layout and 32.7mm wide by 22.5mm footprint of the package allow 6.6mm lead-to-lead slackage.

Its tab-to-lead insulation has a value of 4500Vr. It also is low in parasitic inductance and capacitance. The SH68N65DM6AG as well as the SH32N65DM6AG half bridges for DM6 MOSFETs that are available in ACEPACK SMIT are qualified for AQG-324. The bridges’ Rds(on) (max) in the range of 41m for the SH68N65DM6AG, and 97m for the SH32N65DM6AG provide high electrical efficiency and minimal temperature dissipation.

They are able to be utilized in DC/DC converters that serve both OBC as well as high voltage to low voltage sections. Their versatility in multiple roles helps simplify the process of purchasing inventory. The STTH60RQ06M2Y 600V 60A bridge rectifier is made up of ultra-fast diodes that have a soft recovery properties and is PPAP compatible for automotive applications. The STTD6050H-12M2Y 1200V,60A Half-controlled AC/DC single phase bridge rectifier AEC-Q101 certified and offers high noise resistance, with dV/dt as high as 1000V/ms. The STTN6050H-12M1Y is an half bridge with 1200V and 60A which is comprised of two thyristors that are internally connected (silicon-controlled rectifiers or SCRs). AEC-Q101-certified It can be utilized in automotive OBCs as well as charging stations, and industrial applications like AC/DC conversion for motor drive and power supply, tri-phase and single-phase controlled rectifier bridges, totem pole power-factor correction and solid-state relays.

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