NewsSTMicroelectronics reveals automotive high-side switch controller with flexible diagnostics and protection

STMicroelectronics reveals automotive high-side switch controller with flexible diagnostics and protection

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The STMicroelectronics VNF1048F automotive high-side switch controller is a combination of enhanced features for system protection and diagnostics along with ST’s I2-t Silicon-Fuse technology. The first model in the STi2Fuse family of products with integrated I2-t protection and diagnostics, the VNF1048F has compatibility with 24V, 12V and 48V power subsystems for automotive (board nets). Its flexibility is ideal for the latest automotive zonal electronic/electrical (E/E) architectures that boost efficiency and reliability while supporting increased electrification and extra functions for smart driving. The versatile and feature-rich VNF1048F features an interface for serial peripherals (SPI) to allow host microcontrollers to set up and monitor system-protection , diagnostic, and features.

This includes over-temperature and under-voltage protection thermal safety for high-side external MOSFET desaturation shutdown as well as I2-t fuse setting. Digital current sensing with high-precision is integrated into the circuit. Analog to digital converters (ADCs) to monitor the temperature-sensing thermistor’s voltage, output voltage as well as the MOSFET drain-source voltages are also included. The I2-t fuse of ST, which is an essential feature in the STi2Fuse line offers superior speedy resettable, robust protection against over-current. Silicon fuses can also simplify wiring harnesses for vehicles and decrease the weight of wiring harnesses by removing user-accessible fuse boxes as well as the wiring and overheads for installation.

The weight reductions will improve vehicle performance which includes a longer driving range and lower CO2 emissions. The VNF1048FTR is available for purchase now and is available with the QFN32L 32 lead package priced at $1.77 for 1000 pieces. Contact any ST sales office in your area.

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