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Nordic Semiconductor Unveils Groundbreaking Cellular IoT Solution, Empowering Seamless Connectivity and Cost Efficiency

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Nordic Semiconductor, a leading provider of innovative semiconductor solutions, has unveiled its comprehensive cellular IoT solution, revolutionizing the industry with its support for DECT NR+ (“NR+”). Built on the acclaimed nRF91® Series Systems-in-Package (SiPs), this new offering from Nordic Semiconductor brings unparalleled simplicity, stability, and cost efficiency to the cellular IoT landscape. By integrating chipsets, modules, software, and services under a single provider, Nordic Semiconductor sets a new standard as the first company to offer a fully inclusive and world-class cellular IoT solution.


Systems-in-Package (SiPs) are advanced integrated circuit packages that house multiple functional components within a compact module. Designed to incorporate diverse semiconductor devices such as microprocessors, memory chips, sensors, and other electronic components, SiPs provide a highly integrated and streamlined solution. Unlike traditional methods that involve mounting individual chips on a printed circuit board (PCB) and connecting them through wires or traces, SiPs offer enhanced performance and efficiency. Through the integration of multiple components into a single package, SiPs enable reduced size, improved power consumption, and increased functionality.

The advantages of SiPs over traditional multi-chip solutions are significant. By minimizing signal interference and reducing interconnection length, SiPs deliver superior electrical performance and signal integrity. Furthermore, SiPs optimize thermal management by effectively dissipating heat within the package.

SiPs simplify the design and manufacturing processes by eliminating the need for complex interconnection schemes and reducing the number of external components required. This streamlines development, reduces costs, and enhances reliability, providing a highly efficient solution for cellular IoT applications.

In the context of Nordic Semiconductor’s cellular IoT solution, the nRF91 Series SiPs serve as complete cellular IoT modules, integrating various components such as cellular connectivity, processing capabilities, memory, and other functionalities into a single package. These SiPs deliver a comprehensive and efficient solution for cellular IoT applications, offering simplicity, stability, and cost efficiency.

Svenn-Tore Larsen, CEO of Nordic Semiconductor, expressed his excitement about the company’s position as a leading supplier of cellular IoT solutions. He highlighted the unique benefits of Nordic Semiconductor’s comprehensive offering, which saves customers significant time, money, engineering resources, and frustration resulting from fragmented supply chains. Larsen emphasized that the integrated cellular IoT solution with NR+ support aligns with the company’s unified platform strategy, similar to their class-leading Bluetooth® Low Energy, Thread, and Wi-Fi products.

Nordic’s cellular IoT solution now comprises three nRF91 Series SiPs, including the introduction of two new devices: the nRF9161™ and nRF9131™. Additionally, the solution includes evaluation and development tools, development software, nRF Cloud Services, and top-notch support. Notably, NR+ represents the world’s first non-cellular 5G technology standard.

The nRF9161 SiP is a globally pre-certified solution that offers the flexibility to choose between secure cellular IoT connectivity via the global infrastructure or NR+ for private 5G networking. The SiP incorporates features such as reduced power consumption, enhanced GNSS and cell-based location performance, and various other improvements, making it ideal for use cases demanding optimal battery life.

For high-volume businesses seeking flexibility and compact design, the nRF9131 SiP provides a feature-compatible alternative. Measuring half the size of the nRF9161, this mini-SiP integrates the SoC and RF Front End, eliminating RF risks and simplifying the manufacturing process compared to traditional chipset usage.

Feedback from early sample customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with Svein-Egil Nielsen, CTO/EVP R&D and Strategy at Nordic Semiconductor, emphasizing the advantages of the company’s strategy in supporting massive IoT applications. Nielsen highlighted the benefits of working with a single supplier throughout the entire product lifecycle, ensuring optimized compatibility and a comprehensive solution.

Development with the new SiPs is facilitated through Nordic’s unified and scalable nRF Connect SDK, providing developers with essential tools and features in Visual Studio Code for a fully-fledged Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Furthermore, Nordic offers nRF Cloud, a seamless and power-efficient connectivity platform optimized for use with their IoT products. nRF Cloud delivers critical services throughout a device’s lifetime, reduces power consumption, and implements robust security measures.

To address common cellular IoT challenges, Nordic Semiconductor introduces two new sets of services: nRF Cloud Security Services and nRF Cloud Device Management. These services offer secure remote provisioning, cryptographic identity authentication, device state monitoring, protocol-agnostic connectivity options, and more. With high flexibility and tailored commercial options, nRF Cloud provides optimized services for massive IoT deployments, covering every stage from onboarding to decommissioning.

Nordic Semiconductor further supports its customers with world-class technical assistance through DevAcademy and DevZone. DevAcademy is an interactive online learning platform designed to provide developers and others with the technical information necessary to build leading products using Nordic solutions. DevZone offers expert answers to key technical challenges faced during the development of innovative applications with Nordic solutions.

With its groundbreaking cellular IoT solution, Nordic Semiconductor sets a new industry standard by delivering comprehensive, streamlined, and cost-effective solutions for the evolving IoT landscape. The company’s commitment to integration, simplicity, and customer satisfaction positions it at the forefront of the cellular IoT revolution.

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