NewsROHM Revolutionizes the Capacitor Landscape with BTD1RVFL Series for Smart Devices

ROHM Revolutionizes the Capacitor Landscape with BTD1RVFL Series for Smart Devices

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ROHM’s Innovation in Silicon Capacitors

ROHM has recently unveiled its groundbreaking BTD1RVFL series of silicon capacitors, marking a notable shift in the world of semiconductor technology. With an increasing demand for miniaturized components in devices like smartphones and wearables, ROHM’s innovation is timely and holds the potential to reshape the market landscape.

Silicon Capacitors: The Next Big Thing

Modern smartphones and other multifunctional devices have an insatiable demand for components that support high-density mounting while retaining or even enhancing their performance. Silicon capacitors, utilizing the advanced thin-film semiconductor technology, are stepping up to this challenge. They offer a more compact form with higher capacitance compared to the currently prevalent multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). Their allure doesn’t stop at size; they exhibit stable temperature traits and outstanding reliability, making them a prime choice for a myriad of applications.

Market Growth and ROHM’s Vision

With forecasts predicting the global market for silicon capacitors to burgeon to a whopping 300 billion yen (equivalent to about 2 billion US dollars) by 2030, ROHM is strategically positioning itself at the forefront. The expected growth indicates a surge of approximately 1.5 times from the 2022 figures. ROHM’s endeavor in this domain involves harnessing its unique semiconductor processes to craft compact, high-performance silicon capacitors.

Technological Superiority with RASMID™

The company’s silicon capacitors are crafted using the pioneering RASMID™ miniaturization technology. This avant-garde approach allows for meticulous processing in 1µm increments. Such precision not only negates chipping during external shaping but also refines dimensional tolerances to within ±10µm. This heightened level of uniformity in the product dimensions allows devices to be mounted closer together, enhancing component density. Another noteworthy feature is the expansive backside electrode which fortifies the mounting strength by extending it to the package’s periphery.

The BTD1RVFL Series: Setting New Standards

ROHM’s BTD1RVFL series, which includes models BTD1RVFL102 and BTD1RVFL471, proudly holds the title of being the industry’s tiniest mass-produced surface mount silicon capacitors. The series, available in sizes 01005 (0.1inch × 0.05inch) and 0402 (0.4mm × 0.2mm), achieves a commendable reduction in mounting area by around 55% compared to typical 0201-size or 0603-size products. This significant shrinkage translates to broader prospects for miniaturizing applications. An added bonus is the integrated TVS protection element that fortifies the capacitors against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), simplifying circuit design considerations.

Looking Ahead: ROHM’s Future Endeavors

ROHM doesn’t plan on stopping with the BTD1RVFL series. The company has its sights set on launching a second series by 2024, which will showcase exemplary high-frequency traits, making it a perfect fit for high-speed, voluminous communication equipment. Additionally, ROHM’s R&D team is channeling efforts towards devising products tailored for servers and other industrial apparatus, broadening the spectrum of potential applications.

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