NewsThe Panasonic company acquiared AI company for IoT applications

The Panasonic company acquiared AI company for IoT applications

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Panasonic recently acquired Arimo, which specializes in artificial intelligence and deep learning. Arimo is one of the leaders in AI technology for use in commercial and industrial products that support Big Data and Deep learning. Panasonic’s acquisition of the company will create many products for home and industrial use in collaboration with Arimo’s knowledge and technology.

Panaosnic AI

Panasonic has developed its own platform that collects data from currently installed sensors in industry, home and HVAC applications. Combined with AI technology and deep learning with data collected from the platform, Panasonic is able to create intelligent, self-learning systems for the industry that will continue to improve without changing components.

“The acquisition of Arimo provides Panasonic with a much-needed core data science element that will greatly reinforce our efforts to continue developing further sophisticated AI-based solutions for our B2B customers. We are very pleased to have Arimo founder Christopher Nguyen and his team of data scientists join us in this mission.” said Yoshiyuki Miyabe, Panasonic Corporation Chief.

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