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Onsemi Unveils Hyperlux LP Image Sensor Family for Enhanced Image Quality and Low Power Consumption in Cameras

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onsemi, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions, recently unveiled its innovative Hyperlux LP image sensor family designed specifically for industrial and commercial camera markets. Boasting 1.4 um pixels sensors, these groundbreaking sensors set new standards in image quality and power consumption benchmarks while offering reliable performance even under challenging lighting conditions.

Hyperlux LP image sensors, known for their exceptional image quality and power efficiency, are suitable for an array of applications that span smart doorbells, security cameras, AR/VR/XR headsets, machine vision systems and video conferencing devices.

One of the hallmarks of this product family is its revolutionary stack architecture, which offers tremendous space savings. At its smallest point it resembles the size of a grain of rice – an important factor when space is at a premium – while this diminutive size does not compromise performance in any way.

Customers can select one of three sensor models depending on their imaging needs: 5-megapixel AR0544, 8-megapixel AR0830 or 20-megapixel AR2020. These options ensure that the Hyperlux LP image sensor family can meet a broad array of imaging demands.

At a time when home and business owners increasingly opt for camera-based security solutions, high-quality imaging devices are of utmost importance. Analysts expect the security camera market will triple by the end of this decade; consumers thus demand devices that not only offer superior image quality but also display enhanced reliability and extend battery life – which the Hyperlux LP image sensor family offers an answer for.

One key strength of these sensors lies in their ability to perform effectively under harsh weather and lighting conditions, including adverse climate change. Reliable, low-power image sensors are especially necessary as many security cameras are installed in locations which make battery replacement or recharging impossible.

Hyperlux LP technology boasts cutting-edge features and solutions designed to significantly improve performance and image quality, such as:

Wake on Motion: With this feature, sensors are capable of operating in low-power mode that consumes only a fraction of the energy necessary for full performance mode. When movement is detected, however, quickly converting back to full performance mode takes place within less time than taking an image would.

Smart ROI (Region of Interest): This functionality offers multiple regions of interest for viewing at reduced bandwidth, along with one original detail ROI to optimize data usage and preserve key image details.

Near-Infrared (NIR) Performance: These innovative sensors utilize cutting-edge silicon designs and pixel architectures that allow them to produce high-quality images even with limited supplemental lighting, even in low light conditions.

Low Power: By eliminating thermal noise, these sensors not only enhance image quality but also eliminate the need for heat sinks – cutting costs overall in vision systems.

Ross Jatou, Senior Vice President and General Manager of onsemi’s Intelligent Sensing Group, stressed the significance of these sensors to address two aspects that consumers consider when selecting such devices – picture quality and battery life. According to Jatou: Our new image sensor family delivers performance that matters with an extended battery life and exquisite, highly detailed images.

Hyperlux’s LP image sensor family offers more than just home security applications; its benefits extend far beyond that, to improve office meeting experiences by providing more user-friendly video conferencing solutions.

Ashish Thanawala, Senior Director of Systems Engineering for Owl Labs specializing in video collaboration solutions, highlighted the criticality of high-quality image sensors to creating an exceptional user experience. He mentioned Hyperlux LP image sensors with their exceptional optical performance, innovative features, and low power consumption that enable immersive virtual meetings using highly intelligent video conferencing systems.

What lies ahead for the Hyperlux LP Image Sensor Family? These groundbreaking sensors will become available for sale in the fourth quarter of 2023 and usher in a new era of imaging possibilities with increased image quality, efficiency and adaptability across various applications.

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