NewsOMRON Launches Low-Heat Generating, HighPower PCB Relay “G9KA” with Industry-Leading Ultra-Low Contact...

OMRON Launches Low-Heat Generating, HighPower PCB Relay “G9KA” with Industry-Leading Ultra-Low Contact Resistance

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Contributing to Realization of Decarbonized Society by Improving Energy Efficiency through Heat Generation Suppression

OMRON’s electronic and mechanical component business division has announced the global launch ofits High-PowerPCB Relay– G9KA. This product improves the power generation efficiency ofPV generation systems by minimizing energy loss caused by the heat generated by power conditioners, power supply equipment, and related equipment used in solar power generation systems. The industry-leading*¹ ultra-low contact resistance of 0.2m suppresses the heat generated by the relay and improves the power generation efficiency of solar power generation systems, thereby accelerating renewable energy deployment and contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society.

The efficient use of limited energy resources has been a significant social problem in recent years. Therefore, there is a pressing need for energy conversion that converts efficiently to sustainable energy production. However, power generation facilities that use renewable energy such as solar energy can generate heat from the equipment. As a result, the current and capacity of these facilities are increasing. Therefore, it is important to take preventative measures against heat generation.

Relays mounted on equipment’s PC board can be one of the reasons equipment generates heat. Relays are components that control the ON/OFF flow of electric current through equipment. They can also be used to shut off power in an emergency. High-power relays are conventionally high-powered and have a high contact resistance, which means that heat generation can cause energy loss.

In some cases, heat dissipation mechanisms like heatsinks or cooling fans were required to be installed within the equipment to counter heat generation. There were also cases when the heat generated from the relay caused the PC board to deteriorate. This led to a decrease of the equipment’s durability years.

G9KA reduces the temperature rise by 30%*3 when compared to conventional high-power relays. It also lowers the contact resistance to an industry-leading*1 0.22m*2. The G9KA reduces the equipment’s size and weight by simplifying the heatsink/cooling fan, which were previously installed to counter heat generation. The relay also reduces heat generated, which helps to prolong the equipment’s life.

OMRON will continue its contribution to the realization a decarbonized society by providing products and services to customers. It creates advanced modules and devices based on the technologies that it has cultivated over many decades and provides them worldwide.

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