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Nexperia delivers widest range of AEC-Q101 discretes in miniature, leadless rugged DFN packages

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Nexperia, the professional in essential semiconductors, today announced the sector’s best portfolio of automotive-qualified discretes in space-saving, thermally-efficient, AOI-compatible DFN (Discrete Flat No leads) packages. The AEC-Q101 series of devices available cross all Nexperia’s product groups and also consists of switching, Schottky, Zener and also protection diodes, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), N- and also P-channel MOSFETs, resistor-equipped transistors and also LED chauffeurs.

DFN gadgets can gauge as little as 0.6 mm2 offering a PCB space-saving of up to 90 % when compared to current SOT23 tools. The outstanding thermal efficiency (Rth( j-sp)) enables an equivalent or far better Ptot on the smaller sized DFN impact. An additional advantage of DFN plans with SWF comes from the mechanical toughness of the bond to the PCB, which is far better than gadgets without side-wettable flanks.

Mark Roeloffzen, Vice President & General Supervisor of Nexperia’s Bipolar Discretes Company Team comments: “With the auto DFN package family members Nexperia offers engineers the choice: either to develop their application with current leaded SMD plans or in the area conserving DFN modern technology. We are devoted to lead the marketplace with plan technology serving client demands and also supplying the widest distinct profile in DFN technology.”

A lot of distinct semiconductors in DFN bundles is already in volume production, and Nexperia will certainly launch much more throughout 2020, causing the sector’s widest profile of such gadgets. Types available include standard, high-runner products such as BC817, bc847 and bav99, plus a lot more.

More details on the new AEC-Q101-qualified profile of DFN-packaged discretes with SWF – including item specifications and datasheets – is offered at

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