NewsLittelfuse Offers Compact Cartridge Fuses Available with High-Current, High-Voltage Ratings

Littelfuse Offers Compact Cartridge Fuses Available with High-Current, High-Voltage Ratings

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Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ:”LFUS”) is a leading manufacturer of top-quality power control, circuit protection and sensing, today announced the new compact cartridge fuse series, which is Rated at 500Vac/Vdc and has current ratings of 40A up to 63A. It also has an interrupting capacity of 10,000A.

The high-current 607 series high-voltage cartridge fuse that was designed to protect against overcurrent is a durable solution for power supply circuits with high voltage. The 500V rating of the fuse is appropriate to work with circuits that require both AC as well as DC outputs. With the 10mm x 32mm size of the cartridge body one 607 fuse will require less space on the board than previous designs that employed several fuses with lower current ratings in parallel. This means that designers are able to reduce the amount of space they use to protect components when they design high-wattage equipment. Check out the video.

Common applications for the 607 Series Cartridges with High-current Fuse are:

* Datacenter

* Telecom

* EV Charging

* HVAC systems

* Uninterruptible Energy Supply (UPS)

* Inverters and rectifiers

“Today’s power designers require more design flexibility in order to reduce the dimensions that their designs with high watts, while increasing their reliability,” said Style Liu Global Product Manager Electronics Business Unit at Littelfuse. “Not just the 607 series has an extremely compact footprint that helps save space on boards, but it also has a high interrupt rating and high current rating when compared with similar fuses that are available.”

These 607 series high-current Cartridge Fuses offer these key advantages:

This series of compact fuse cartridges is offered with a 500V rating, both for DC and AC, as well as current ratings of 40A up to 63A.

• High interrupting capacity (10KA@500Vac/500Vdc) is an option for Dual voltage sources of power supply that are suitable for a variety of applications.

* End caps that incorporate stand-off leads remove the need to mount tools or lead-forming processes.

The operating temperature range of 55°C to 125°C offers security in harsh temperature conditions.

* Environmentally-friendly component that is RoHS compliant, halogen-free, and 100% Pb free.


The High-current Series 607 Cartridge Fuses are available in through-hole, 10mm by 32mm packaging in trays with quantities of 500. Sample requests can be made through authorized distributors of Littelfuse around the world. To find a list of Littelfuse distributors, go to

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