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Introducing the new MKR IoT Carrier Rev2: Time to start your next IoT project

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If you’re in search of an ever-faster, more smooth and more satisfying method to create yourself your very own IoT project at home the brand new MKR IoT Carrier Rev2 is the ideal choice for you.

The new carrier is compatible with any device in the MKR family, offering you the possibility of a variety of connectivity options to meet your needs for your future IoT project. It is the MKR IoT Carrier Rev2 doesn’t require any additional hardware to begin with, and it is possible to build amazing and fully-functional projects with this.

What is included in the package? It includes all the actuators and sensors that you require to create IoT projects, and then link them up to the Internet to take your home automation into the future.

Let’s take a brief review of what you can make using this MKR IoT Carrier Version 2 as well as any other board in the MKR family.

  • Environmental monitoring stations. The new carrier has sensors that allow you to measure and map various aspects of the world around you , including humidity, temperature the quality of air, barometric pressure and much more. You can also monitor the motion on the device. To enhance your sensory experience it is possible to attach analog and I2C suitable modules with connectors for groves. The data you collect on an SD card or transfer straight to Arduino IoT Cloud.
  • GUI IoT interface. Visualizing your data is crucial and Rev2 comes with a visual display. Rev2 has an very own OLED color display, which allows you to build your personal navigation menus. Additionally, you can use the integrated LEDs and buzzer for feedback.
  • Connect and control other devices. The IoT is all about networks. With the Rev2 you are able to control electronic devices with up to 24 Volts with the two relays that are built-in to the board. It is possible to do this manually such as turning the reading lamp on and off using an app called the Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app or setting the lamp to respond in accordance with sensor data, such as the level of light in the room.

The MKR IoT Carrier vs the MKR IoT Carrier Rev2 — what’s the difference?

There are some significant distinctions between the Rev2 and the prior Version of the MKR IoT Carrier. Here are the major differences.

Certain sensors have changed:

  • The sensor for humidity (HTS221) and the barometric pressure sensors (LP22HB) is replaced by the sensor BME6688.
  • LSM6DS3 was the IMU (LSM6DS3) has been replaced by LSM6DSOX.

Based on feedback from customers, other components have been moved:

  • The addition of a useful reset button
  • A 90-degree rotation is made by the connectors for relays.
  • Positioning the sensor for light (APDS-9960)
  • Change of pins that are assigned to relays’ control to pins 1 and 2.
  • Change the grove connector designation from pin A5 pin A6

Do I need to alter my sketch if been using the initial revision using the MKR IIoT Carrier?

It’s not true. The MKR IoT Carrier library works with both versions of this carrier. Be sure to install the most recent version so that that everything runs smoothly.

Have fun playing by using the IoT

The brand-new MKR IoT Carrier Rev2 can be the ideal device to begin playing around with your personal IoT projects or to improve your IoT experimentation to the highest level. It doesn’t require a lot of experience, a large amount of costly components and endless hours of spare time to create your own enjoyable, practical IoT devices at home.

Explore how to use the MKR IoT Carrier Rev 2

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