NewsInfineon Expands Isolation Technology Portfolio with New ISOFACE™ Digital Isolators

Infineon Expands Isolation Technology Portfolio with New ISOFACE™ Digital Isolators

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Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has launched its latest ISOFACE™ quad-channel digital isolators, reinforcing its extensive isolation technology offerings. These new components are tailored to bolster the robustness and precision of data communication in modern electronic systems within automotive and industrial applications.

Dual Family ISOFACE™ Isolators for Diverse Applications

The ISOFACE™ quad-channel digital isolators are segmented into two families to cater to distinct sector requirements. The 4DIRx4xxHA series, with AEC-Q100 qualification, is engineered for automotive systems, including onboard chargers, battery management, and motor control. Conversely, the 4DIRx4xxH series is suited for industrial purposes, optimized for applications ranging from renewable energy to industrial automation.

Technical Specifications and Packaging

These isolators are housed in a 300 mil PG-DSO-16 wide-body package, featuring four data channels that promise enhanced isolation. Such packaging ensures the reliable transfer of data across various challenging conditions.

Electrical Characteristics and Performance

Operating within a supply voltage range of 2.7 to 6.5 V, the isolators maintain low current consumption, delivering efficient performance. The adoption of Infineon’s Coreless Transformer technology endows these components with formidable immunity against system noise, ensuring stability in high-noise environments.

Robustness in Harsh Conditions

Infineon’s isolators are crafted to perform in extreme conditions, a feature especially pertinent for the automotive-geared variants. They can withstand severe temperature fluctuations and a plethora of environmental stressors, from voltage transients to electromagnetic disturbances, guaranteeing consistent operation.

Timing Accuracy and System Reliability

The digital isolators exhibit precise timing characteristics, crucial in minimizing the risk of data corruption. Additionally, pin-to-pin compatibility enhances power supply stability, contributing to the overall reliability of the electronic systems they are integrated into.

Benefits in Design and Time-to-Market

The ISOFACE™ digital isolators stand out for their capacity to reduce signal noise across a wide voltage range, thus enabling high power density designs. Their ease of certification at both component and system levels can facilitate swifter safety approvals and accelerated market entry.

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