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HUGIN 2000 by Novator Solutions

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HUGIN 2000, the high vibrant range networked multichannel receiver with 2 50MHz, 80MHz or 200MHz real-time transmission capacity per input and 2048 separately configurable DDCs is now a lot more suitable your COMINT and also other narrowband monitoring needs.

Enhanced signal top quality, flexibility/usability, and up-time.

The significant financial investment entered into updating the core firmware, which offers as much as 1024 slim band DDCs per receiver. The entire inner signal path currently manages 32-bit IQ-data causing higher vibrant array. On top the network filters are narrower & sharper and also the automatic gain control “AGC” gets an overhaul.
The upgraded signal high quality enhances both the channel-selectivity as well as the vibrant efficiency making it possible for drivers to detect formerly hidden signals and also weak signals from much distance.

“The close collaboration with our Partner RFEL, which is a Rheinmetall company, was significant to achieve the new level of signal quality.”, says Henrik Ulfhielm, CEO for Novator Solutions

HUGIN 2000 has numerous enhancements raising the adaptability and also the use at the same time. The most notable is, frequency offset setup, enabling making use of exterior up/down-converters which effectively raises the frequency range.

The upgrade consists of some additional functions also boosting the up-time. The healing time after an unexpected overvoltage has improved considerably as well as automated reboot options are now configurable.

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