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What is Tachogenerator? – Tachogenerator definition, AC DC description

Tachogenerator definition - a generator in which the generated voltage is symmetrical to the rotor speed as well as made use of only as...

Surface Mount Technology: Overview

Almost every electrical device contains printed circuit boards. Their integral part consists of electronic components mounted on a PCB. We can mention two ways...

Conductance definition – Electrical conductance theory

Conductance (electrical conductivity) is the inverse of resistance. Conductance is denoted by the letter G, and the unit of conductance is S (simens). Conductance is a...


Raspberry Pi ML-Based Bird Detector System

MagPi’s new edition 103 is out in the market and you can read it on the official website of Raspberry Pi. A lot of...

Smartphone Based Liquid Level Monitoring System

Measurement of liquid level in process tanks for monitoring and/or controlling is essential in process industries. In process plants, tanks contain various liquids that...

Vehicle Number Plate Detection Using MATLAB

The project presented here can be used to detect a vehicle’s number plate from the images stored in a database. That is, it aims...


How to Measure Capacitance with A Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter is a versatile instrument if you want to measure different electrical properties. Apart from resistance, voltage, and current, it can also...

How to Update Date and Time of Raspberry Pi With out Internet?

USB RTC: An efficient way to modify the time of your system without using the internet Most electronic users do not realize that time-keeping of...

Getting Started with Revision Control in Altium 365

Ever since I started using Github and Google Docs, I fell in love with revision control. Instead of keeping multiple copies of essential files...


Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics – Part 2

Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics - Part 2 Welcome to the second part of our "Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics" Course. In case...

Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics – Part 1

Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics - Part 1 Welcome to our course about Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics! World of electronics is a very...