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What is Photobook and how to generate it

The photobook is an expertly designed and bound collection of photos. The book is made by combining selected digital photos that are exposed visually...

Mobile App design – UI/UX principles

Smartphones are now an indispensable gadget, that is why a large number of users can't imagine ever leaving their home. It's not only used...

Database features needed in every organization

What is Data Catalogs Data catalogs are data catalog is a collection of data resources which can work for any business. It is built on...


Meander Coil++ enables safe, wireless power transmission

Modern wearable devices allow for a myriad of technology to be mobile, such as health tracking, notifications, and so on. Due to their small battery...

Continuously measure wind speed and direction with this EMT conduit-mounted station

It seems that DIY weather stations can be found all over the place however, even though they have the ability to fulfill the basics...

Hyper Compact LED Matrix for Tiny Projects: 2826 Pixel-Matrix from MAKERPALS

Small projects require small components which is why the super compact 2826 Pixel-Matrix is able to do perfect job. If you're working on the breadboard...


A Guide for Solving the PS56 Black Screen Issue

The most recent PS5 model is getting praise for its high resolution of 8K and the massive support for 4k resolution. Therefore, you'll enjoy the...

The Classification of Transistors

The invention of the transistor has brought an unprecedented impact on the electronics industry. So today's electronic age began gorgeously. With the development of time, and...

How to Measure Capacitance with A Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter is a versatile instrument if you want to measure different electrical properties. Apart from resistance, voltage, and current, it can also...


Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics – Part 2

Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics - Part 2 Welcome to the second part of our "Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics" Course. In case...

Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics – Part 1

Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics - Part 1 Welcome to our course about Basic Laws and Concepts in Electronics! World of electronics is a very...