NewsFullpower®-AI Secures Pioneering Patents in Smart Sleep Technology

Fullpower®-AI Secures Pioneering Patents in Smart Sleep Technology

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Fullpower®-AI, a trailblazer in smart bed AIoT (AI + IoT) solutions, has secured two pivotal patents, reinforcing its leadership stance in the smart sleep technology realm. These achievements emphasize the company’s unyielding dedication to enhancing global sleep health and the well-being of individuals.

US Patent 11,793,455: Advanced Sleep Sensing Mechanisms

This patent exemplifies Fullpower®-AI’s relentless pursuit of cutting-edge sleep sensing innovations. It encompasses a sleep sensor mechanism designed for capturing movement data from a sleeper situated on a modifiable smart bed. Integral to the system is a receiver, adept at data transmission to servers, ensuring an uninterrupted data analytical process. Furthermore, this sleep sensor configuration includes a bed controller for meticulous setting adjustments and an IoT controller that activates particular actions on IoT apparatus, thus curating a holistic and adaptive sleep ambience.

US Patent 11,766,213: Compliance and Effectiveness Tracking Engine

Envisioned to optimize user experiences and medical interventions, this patent introduces a compliance and effectiveness tracking engine (CETE) system. The innovative system amalgamates sensed sleep metrics, user-reported sleep data, and anticipated sleep figures procured from the user’s background and historical medical interventions. Such integration enables the CETE system to assess medical interventions’ efficacy and adherence to linked protocols, thereby furnishing invaluable insights to both medical professionals and users.

Impact and Future Directions

These acquisitions accentuate Fullpower®-AI’s persistent quest to lead in AI-driven sleep innovations and set benchmarks in sleep tracking and health regulation. With the Sleeptracker-AI® system’s acclaim for producing clinically precise sleep architectural metrics, these patents bolster the firm’s devotion to advancing sleep science and health surveillance. The patented technologies promise to empower Fullpower®-AI in delivering even more encompassing solutions, aiming to elevate global sleep quality.

Conclusion: Paving the Path for Further Breakthroughs

These patents unequivocally highlight Fullpower®-AI’s commitment to pioneering advancements in smart sleep technology. As a forerunner in AI-facilitated sleep solutions, the company’s ambitions are anchored in refining global sleep patterns, night after night. These patents are poised to lay the groundwork for imminent innovations in this domain.

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