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Arduino Certification explained

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Did you have the knowledge the fact that Arduino Education offers official certification?

It’s designed for educators who are using (or would like to utilize) Arduino kits in their middle and high school classes. Arduino Certification is an online exam that tests your understanding of programming and electronics. Professionals, students, makers and all others are able to take the exam too.

Why take the exam?

  • Adding official Arduino certification to your resumé demonstrates your knowledge of electronics, programming, and coding.
  • You can boost your confidence in Arduino-related electronics, programming, and physical computing.
  • Become part of a wider professional network and thriving edtech community.
  • Add highly sought after and in-demand technical skills to your portfolio. Great for job applications!

Even better, you don’t need any prior coding or electronics experience, and it’s really easy to get started.

What does Arduino Certification cover?

If you choose to take an Arduino Certification, you’ll be learning about the basic principles of programming and electronics.

Learning outcomes that are essential include:

  • The most important electricity concepts, such as voltage and resistance and the methods to calculate and measure these.
  • How electronics are visually represented by reading and analyzing electronic circuits.
  • The features provided by the Arduino software development platform (called Arduino IDE), libraries, serial communication and even errors.
  • The structure and capabilities of the Arduino board, and the way it operates.
  • What electronic components such as sensors, LEDs and motors function and how to utilize them in the circuit.
  • The basic building elements are the foundation of Arduino programming language are like arguments, functions, variables and loops.
  • How do you program electronic components.
  • Studying, analyzing as well as diagnosing problems Arduino code.

Want to see how it works? Take a look at the exam demo.

How to take the Arduino Certification exam

There are two ways to earn the official Arduino Certification.

You can either purchase the exam on its own (you will have one attempt to pass it). Or, you can purchase the exam along with the Arduino Starter Kit as the Certification bundle.

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