NewsA New Version of Raspberry Pi OS

A New Version of Raspberry Pi OS

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Debian is the source of Linux that the Raspberry Pi OS is built on, sometimes receives major updates, as the majority of OSes do. Because Raspberry Pi is built on Debian which is also Debian, it also receives an upgrade whenever this occurs. The latest version, dubbed “Bullseye,” was released recently and we’re going to take a brief look at the new features. (Fun fact that the different variants of Debian are themed after the characters of Toy Story. Toy Story movies. Bullseye is Woody’s horse.)

“Bullseye” brings many of the features you is used to when it comes to the OS update. Many bugs and patches to improve the experience for users. The new features include a notification system similar to what you would think of from a Windows or Mac machine , and an up-to-date plug-in to let you know when software has been upgraded or has an update available.

The complete story at the Raspberry Pi site goes into great detail about the changes you can anticipate (not needing to be re-written here) So I suggest taking a look.

This update has brought another thought in my head. Although not everyone who has Raspberry Pi uses Raspberry Pi OS but for those who do utilize it, what are the features you feel are lacking or would you like to be able to see? These kinds of discussions always appear to be about devices, and not the software. I’d like to know what the needs of everyone are in relation to operating systems.

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